How To Improve Your Confidence And Get Hired Remotely

So, your confidence needs a major boost, huh?

Most of us would agree with this statement, at any point in time. That’s because the misleading messages on social media make us believe that confidence is a natural thing that you feel on a consistent basis (if you have it).

Before I give you some confidence tips to get better results in your remote job search, I want to address this.

– Confidence is a learned skill –

It gets better over time. But you probably will not feel super confident 100% of the time even when you have learned this skill. If influencers, celebs, and role models are being transparent, they will tell you that they don’t feel confident ALL the time. However, they do feel pretty confident when it counts. And that’s why they are successful.

I’ll confess to you all right now: I don’t feel confident when I wake up first thing in the morning.

It actually takes listening to an audio of a motivational speaker (usually Abraham Hicks), meditation, or some evidence of my goals being achieved to help me feel confident enough to take on the day. I’m actively working on this, trusting in the universe, and knowing that my inner being doesn’t need affirmation to feel confident. I’ve got this. Then I activate my optimism, confidence, and FUN that you are used to seeing from me as your career coach.

Does that make you feel a bit better? You may see me on Facebook Live trainings and think that I am a confident person who never feels doubt, fear, or resistence. Hah! That is just not the truth. I’m happy to tell you this in hopes that you give yourself permission to be yourself, learn the skill of being confident, and start creating daily habits that boost your confidence if you’re feeling insufficient!

How Can I Start Improving My Confidence?

So, with the realistic expectation you now have about your confidence level. Let’s give it a boost!

1. Be aware

Becoming aware of times in your job search when you feel a lack of confidence is the first step to actually giving it a boost. You cannot find a solution to your low confidence if you struggle to notice it, or mistake it for a different feeling like procrastination or feeling unmotivated. Become aware of the physical signs that you’re not feeling confident. Usually you can feel the discomfort in the pit of your stomach. This is your sign! Don’t back away from the opportunity, the interview, or the salary negotiation just because you feel this way. Simply become aware of it and take note.

2. Find your pattern

The more you notice and take note of when you feel a drop in confidence, the closer you are to finding a solution. Maybe you notice that you start to read job descriptions and you are excited in the first few lines. But when you get to the requirements section, just reading the word QUALIFICATIONS gives you immediate doubts. You go to close the page as soon as you find one bullet that does not align with your current experience. Is that you? Do you back away after this? If so, it’s good to notice this pattern.

3. Break the cycle

I’m going to give you some tips below on how to feel more confident and how it translates into a successful job search. However before that, you need to commit to breaking this unhealthy cycle. That means if you go on social media and see everyone working by the beach with their #laptoplifestyle and immediately get down on yourself, STOP scrolling. Okay? Instead do healthy things that make you feel good. Maybe read some of the success stories from my former VIP members who are just like you! They tell how they actually got their remote job and what helped them along the way. This is a much more healthy way of consuming inspiration that can help you feel MORE confident in your ability to reach your remote goals instead of feeling inadequate from vague/unrealistic social media posts.