How Did These REAL Women Attract Their Dream Remote Jobs?

Let’s celebrate another four successful ladies from the VIP membership, who just landed their dream jobs! Congratulations ladies! Wondering how they got to this point and how they live their remote lifestyle now? Find out by reading below.

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Content Creator at 1Password

Was there a time in your remote job search, that your alignment with your desires was truly tested? What did that feel like? How did you stay in alignment?

Big time. I come from a PR background, so I thought I needed to apply for PR jobs. But at the end of the day I was never excited about them, so I wasn’t getting the interviews, or if I did get one, I wasn’t excited about it. So I took my time doing some soul searching, and it turns out I’m much happier if content is my main focus. Once I figured that out, I started getting much better results. For me, getting into alignment meant realizing that just because I CAN do a certain job, doesn’t mean that it’s the RIGHT job for me. I had to find something that would make me happy too.

Do you think you attracted the job you have now? If so, what kind of things did you tell yourself and the universe in order to attract this success?

Yes! I followed Taylor’s advice and put my genuine self out there in the world, knowing that when the right opportunity came along, things would work out. I did some soul searching on what I want my career to look like both short-term and long-term. I made a vision board on Pinterest and kept looking back at it for motivation. I thought about how I wanted to feel at work everyday, rather than just what I wanted to do. And I got myself organized and set up for success! Want to make your own vision board to attract the remote lifestyle you desire? Join the VIP membership and come to our virtual vision board party next week! 

Why did you enjoy being a VIP member so much?

100% I wouldn’t have made it here without the VIP group. It helped me find the confidence I so desperately needed. I loved sharing this journey with such an encouraging, talented group of women. I learned so much about not only job searching, but also myself! I learned to advocate for myself, and that lesson will stick with me for life. Remote Like Me isn’t just a quick fix. It’ll change your life if you let it.

What was the most difficult part of this journey? How did you get through it?

The rejections. It’s always tough when you put your whole heart into an application, and maybe even an interview or two, only to get passed over. That’s what the group is for though! When I was feeling down, I’d jump in the Facebook group and catch up with everyone. There’s always so much sharing and love (and even venting!) going on in there. I always felt better after that. I also had a lot of hard work to do on my confidence. I have PTSD, and with that comes a lot of self doubt and anxiety. It was amazing for me to work with Taylor and the group, because it gave me a better model for how to carry myself. Just having a place to talk about the wins and the struggles, and to see how everyone else handled everything, it was such a positive experience for me. There is so much to be said for joining a group of confident, driven women. On top of that, I ended up having two different surgeries during my time in the membership. So there was the process of starting and stopping a couple of times. But that’s okay! I had to learn to be patient with my body and just trust the process.

What advice do you have for others looking to go remote?

Work. With. Taylor. Yes, it’s worth it. Yes, you deserve it. Yes, you can make it happen.


Front Desk Coordinator / Lambda School

What was your life like before working remotely? What has changed?

I was a full-time English Language Instructor in Korea for a year. It was fun, but teaching was tiring and I couldn’t do it for long-term. Mentally and emotionally, I was bogged down. I felt the same way about my part-time jobs that I had in college to a good extent in the past, except for a few administrative jobs that didn’t worsen my chronic illness. That’s why I wanted to go remote and that’s why I focused on administrative roles because I have the most energy at home and I enjoy administrative duties. Not to mention, I am still passionate about STEM fields and students’ success. Startups are even better for me since I love making systems and organizing chaos as well.

What was one belief or habit you overcame to achieve your goal?

I have a bad habit of burning out by doing too much in the beginning. I took Taylor’s advice on the amount of job applications I should apply to weekly seriously. I also kept being too hard on myself (since most remote workers are usually not people who just graduated from college) and became very negative during my job search, but surrounding myself with people who believed in me and my desire for a better future (since it’s easier to work at home than to work at an office when it comes to dealing with my chronic illness) helped me overcome these thoughts and beliefs.

Was there a time in your remote job search, that your alignment with your desires was truly tested? What did that feel like? How did you stay in alignment?

There was a time like that. Some people never truly believed that I was capable of getting a remote job and they scoffed at my efforts, so I kept doubting myself because of this. They just never took me seriously, even though that’s all I ever wanted – to get a remote job and not have to commute. It honestly felt horrible and it was not something I would want others to experience. They kept telling me that local and office jobs were way better than remote jobs, which slowly made me believe that they were right. BUT. The people who did believe in me, such as my Korean coworker friends (from my Korean teaching job), my long-distance Pakistani best friend, my older sister, and my other friends, helped me to keep going, to stay patient, and to stay in alignment with my desires, rather than going against my conscious and doing what other people tell me to do.

Do you think you attracted the job you have now? If so, what kind of things did you tell yourself and the universe in order to attract this success?

I knew what I was good at and what I enjoyed most, especially after I taught in Korea. So I told myself everyday what I loved to do and what I enjoyed. I also thought to myself daily: ‘I WILL HAVE ____ AND I WANT ____.’ So, ‘I will have a remote job with health benefits and I want to work in a job that lets me create systems and allows me to support people.’ is what I thought to myself daily. I never kept the mindset of ‘I kind of want…’ or ‘It would be nice to have…’ because I realized that it doesn’t bring to me what I really wanted to have in my life.

What advice do you have for others looking to go remote?

Be patient, go through Taylor’s program for the confidence boost and right guidance (since it’s not the same as normal job searching), and apply, apply, and apply! If you can join more Facebook groups to motivate or inspire you, while networking with the type of people who you want to be like, then that’s even better. Remember that it’s better to be in the right company than in the wrong company when it comes to your career and life development, so following your desires and joining Taylor’s programs are the perfect first steps towards getting what you want in life!